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An app that uses AI to show your crew the risks they missed

An app on your phone can save lives. Our turn-key platform is built for small-midsized companies in the mining industry. 

It's more affordable than you think. And you can set it up in about an hour.

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Instant Desktop Demo

No emails, credit cards or meetings required



2000 Users

Coast to coast and internationally rely on us to improve safety and efficiency

1.2 Million 

Inspection points submitted every month, saving time and reducing risk

93% of users would recommend us to their peers and we're always working to make it 99%

6.7x Better

Our users report an average of a 671% increase in compliance reporting.

Innovation in Field Safety

We use A.I. to save lives

New workers get hurt because they don't know what they don't know.

Tired workers miss hazards because they become complacent. 

OPAS Mobile provides automatic, instant oversight of HSE reports so your crews never miss a hazard.

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Tools for every company in the mining supply chain

We know that mining is a modern, complex industry. Even the smallest mines have global stakeholders and require the support of a skilled community of suppliers. We have tools to help at every step along the way.



Track environmental and safety compliance including equipment pre-use inspections site-wide with opportunities for supplier integrations.



Complete pre-job HSE reporting and equipment inspections digitally. Build custom QA/QC checklists to eliminate NCRs.



Record project progress with detailed inspections, daily reports and project-controls-focused timecards


Transform your business. Become a leader in safety and efficiency. 


Take it from another company in the mining industry

OPAS mobile has made our fleet management and time tracking significantly easier. The simple tools and features make it easy to learn and a pleasure to use! Their support is second to none.

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Turn-key Solutions

Looking for more than just software? Our sister-company offers expert insights to the mining industry from safety to operations. We can offer a turn-key solution to your most challenging issues.

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A thriving professional services firm within the mining industry was on the lookout for creative solutions to gather, analyze, and utilize field data in new and efficient ways.


An all-in-one mobile platform that seamlessly integrates timecard management, daily reporting, fleet inspections, and safety tools into a single, cohesive system.


47% Increase in HSE and fleet inspection compliance, a significant reduction in timecard processing effort and up to 14 admin hours saved every month.

Affordable plans for mines & suppliers of all sizes



Really. No fine print - we give you access to important HSE tools at no charge because we believe even the smallest companies deserve a safer workplace.

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Let's Chat

We serve clients of all sizes and can address the specific requirements of enterprise-level customers.

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*Billed monthly in US Dollars on an annual contract. 

Questions we often hear from the mining industry

Does it work offline?


Is this for exploration or production?

While you can roll out our app in almost any situation, we're more focused on operations - from the pit (or underground) to the plant. 

This sounds great but my crews won't use it...

We frequently hear people say that their crews won't use an app - they're stuck with paper. Some of our biggest supporters started as naysayers so give us 15 minutes to show you how we're different, and how your crew will actually prefer this over paper within a few weeks. 

Is the free plan actually free?

Yes, surprisingly the free plan is actually free. We believe even the smallest teams deserve safe workplaces so we offer some of our basic tools to small teams completely free, forever.