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Time saving Tools. Life Saving Tools.

Tools crafted for businesses like yours, developed by experts with hands-on experience. Our cost-effective toolkit will set your company apart from the rest by enhancing compliance and productivity.


The Future of HSE is AI✨

Our competitors simply digitize a paper based form. We use that data, processing it using cutting-edge AI algorithms to highlight the hazards your crews missed so they can put a plan in place to eliminate the risk. 

Put simply, our AI-powered HSE system stops incidents in their tracks. It's a pioneering solution unlike any other in the world.


New workers often don't know what they don't know. And they're getting hurt because of it. Our AI helps new workers see the hazards so they can skip the injury and learn about their field.


Long hours and extended shifts mean tired workers. Tired workers become complacent and miss issues or cut corners. Our AI is always looking for opportunities to improve safety.


On average, crews overlook more than 3 hazards during each inspection, critical factors that are being overlooked. Our AI system instantly identifies these issues, empowering frontline workers to proactively implement safety measures.

Any Form or Template

Adding AI-oversight to your safety program is as simple as checking a box. Apply to just one form, or across the board - it takes less than a minute. And there's no additional cost.

Results in 6 Seconds

Complete your form, click submit, and in less than 10 seconds you'll see the results of our analysis. It's straightforward and efficient—designed to give your crews quick access to the information they need without any hassle.


Health, Safety & Environment Tools

The critical tools you need. Nothing you don't. Just a suite of tools built designed with the field in mind. 

Safety shouldn't be complicated or expensive. 


Whether it's just around the corner or across the country, you can access every inspection, issue, and report instantly with just a few clicks.


With full transparency and a comprehensive overview of your team's compliance, you'll always be prepared to ace the next audit.


Our clients are experiencing a significant 38% drop in incidents and a remarkable 52% increase in reporting compliance by utilizing our user-friendly platform. This translates to a substantial risk reduction for the company and significant time savings for you.

Custom Form Builder

Build an unlimited number of custom forms in seconds. Digitize your existing forms, start from scratch, or use our library as a starting point.

Automated Reporting

Built once, used daily - our reporting templates are easy to setup and always have the most recent data. No more formatting tables.

Action Item Management

From a LTI to an environmental near-miss, track every incident from the initial report through detailed investigation.

Certification Management

Track certifications and documentation for your entire team ranging from a license to a confined space ticket.

Incident Investigations

Easily create an unlimited number of personalized forms in just seconds with our intuitive platform. Whether you want to convert your paper forms into digital format, design new forms from the ground up, or draw inspiration from our extensive library, the possibilities are endless.

AI-Powered HSE Oversight

Our exclusive tools harness the power of AI to pinpoint overlooked hazards by your crews, providing them with actionable solutions to prevent incidents and ensure their safety. This is a fundamental improvement in site safety.


Light Vehicles, Heavy Equipment, Tools

Whether you're operating a handful of trucks or a fleet of hundreds of pieces of equipment, understanding who used what is crucial. Having a seamless method to handle inspections and maintenance requests is even more critical. That's where we shine - effortlessly simplifying the process right from the start for your entire fleet.


Detailed inspection protocols identify issues early and notify the team automatically so you can plan your maintenance to reduce cost and downtime.


Ensure compliance with OEM inspection protocols, identifying potential hazards before they become an issue ranging from operator qualifications to equipment defects. 

Store all of your important documents in a centralized location that is easily accessible to the entire team, no matter where they are working. From inspection reports to OEM manuals and insurance slips, you'll spend less time searching and more time working.

Custom Digital Forms

Align with OEM standards, or explore our extensive template library for a quick start. With the flexibility to create unlimited forms, each meticulously designed in just minutes, streamline your operations effortlessly.

Automated Reporting

Receive immediate alerts on issues from any location within your fleet, ensuring you're always informed and ahead of potential problems. Create custom report layouts to fit your needs that are updated with the latest data in real time.

Action Item Management

From a worn idler to a broken windshield, actions are automatically added to single company-wide register that's proven to close issues up to 8 days sooner.

Certification Management

Track equipment records, insurance policies and certificates for every piece of equipment and receive 28 day expiry reminders automatically so you're always in compliance so you can focus on what matters and eliminate the risk of fines.


Track and Investigate Incidents of All Types

Let's make it incredibly quick and easy for everyone on your team to report an incident, where and when it happens. Then we give you a comprehensive way to complete investigations, tailored to your company that matches the type and severity of the incident.


Reports get forgotten and crucial details can easily become hazy over time. This is why we have streamlined the process, making it fast and effortless to report incidents right at the scene, for a more comprehensive and reliable account of what really happened.


Uncover the root causes of incidents to effectively address and prevent them through thorough investigations and targeted action plans, all geared towards ensuring the safety of your crew and eliminating future occurrences.


Simplify incident reporting by consolidating all types of incidents into a single central hub. Why bother with multiple tools and forms when you can easily report a First Aid or a quality NCR in one convenient location.

Custom Investigations

Digitize popular investigation techniques with customizable templates that match the severity of the incident.

Secure, Private Access

Control who has access to sensitive incident data with a single on a case-by-case basis.

Process Management

Centralize reports, photos, documents, and interviews into a single case-file to demonstrate due diligence and quickly close-out files.

Follow-up & Action Tracking

Track every action item and follow-up resulting from the incident to close-out to eliminate repeat occurances


Centralize Your Documents - Access Anywhere

You're probably wasting time tracking down and sending documents to your crews in the field. And they're probably wasting time waiting for those documents. 

Your team needs a system that puts information in the palm of their hand - from project drawings to a safety policy.


Ensure that your team always has access to the latest document revisions. Say goodbye to problems caused by using the wrong component or building components incorrectly sized. This stops NCRs in their tracks and prevents common quality issues.


Crews aren't standing around waiting for documents, procedures or SOPs. And no one is spending time searching for files on a drive. Everything they need is available on their phone or tablet in the field in an easy to navigate platform. 


When your team has accurate, up-to-date info about every job they can do the job right, the first time eliminating costly rework and schedule delays. 

Revision Control

Simply upload new revisions and your team will automatically be shown the most recent revision every time.

Expiry Notices

28 days before a document expires we'll notify you to you're never caught off guard. From an insurance slip to a policy requiring annual review.

Access Control

Create private workspaces for sensitive documents or add files to the global directory for usage company-wide.

Simple Folder Structure

Upload any file type into intuitive folder structures to easily access your information from anywhere.


An Easy Way to Track Certifications of All Types

Managing certifications can be a daunting task, especially for small companies. Juggling multiple files and keeping up with expiration dates can feel like a full-time job.

That's why we've integrated our certification management tool with our document control tool, creating a seamless user experience for both office and field workers.


Sometimes audits are planned, sometimes they're a surprise. When you use our certification tracker you'll never be caught off guard by an expired cert and you'll always have the documentation at your fingertips. 


Clients and regulators expect your team to have current, valid certificates required for your scope. By identifying and resolving issues promptly, you can steer clear of expensive fines and non-conformances.

Any Certificate

From a drivers license to a confined space ticket, all your important documents are in one place for your entire team.

Expiry Notices

28 days before a certification expires we'll notify you so you're always compliant, and you always have to plan for renewals.

100% Remote Access

You and your team have access to every certificate, regardless of where you are. Your team can display certs in the field and you can review everything from home office.

Document Control Integration

Our certification management system is directly integrated with our document control module for ease of use.


The Simplest Way to Track Quality & Commissioning Documentation

It is often said that "if it's not documented, it didn't happen," and in our experience, this rings especially true in the realms of QA/QC and commissioning. We are firm believers that simplicity is key, which is why we have developed an intuitive system of checklists that can be seamlessly utilized in the field to produce essential reports.


There are lots of great systems on the market dedicated to quality and commissioning with great features. But they're complicated, expensive and overkill for smaller teams. We provide a simple, affordable system for companies of all sizes.


No binders of dirty paperwork coming back from the field to ruin another scanner - just a series of documents automatically organized, searchable and secure so you're ready for an audit or hand-over to a customer. 


On quality alone, our users are saving significant time by going digital. Scanning and filing paper copies, updating spreadsheets - it all takes time. And leaves room for mistakes. This time savings alone will more than offset our modest monthly fee.

Offline Digital Checklists

Your team can complete any of our checklists from anywhere, even without WIFI or cell service. When you're back online everything syncs automatically.

Commissioning Logs & ITPs

Develop project-specific commissioning checklists and quality ITPs that your entire team can collaborate on throughout each phase of the project.

Recurring Checklists & Forms

From a torque report to a NCR investigation, you can standardize your processes company-wide with custom digital forms.

Automatic Punch Lists/Action Items

Every issue and deficiency reported in the field is automatically added to a master action log for complete transparency, so nothing is ever missed.


Detailed Daily Reports from Your Entire Team

When there's an incident, or a commercial claim, or you simply have a question about lessons learned, daily reports become critical. When you have crews at multiple sites and you can't be everywhere at once, daily reports become critical. 

We've made them easy. Build your own custom template or use one of ours so your crews and log everything that happened on the labor, equipment and materials front. And we'll produce an automatic timeline of your crews in-app activities, every day, real-time.


Sometimes claims arise unexpectedly - whether you're initiating, or someone brought a claim against your company. Either way having organized, detailed data is the best way to protect yourself in the event of a claim. 


When you're not on-site, spotting issues on the ground can be challenging. Our real-time reports provide you with comprehensive information from all corners of each site, allowing you to promptly follow up with supervisors, clients and suppliers.

Daily Timelines

Export a time-stamped record of your daily activities from the minute you clock in to when you leave including every inspection and report.

LEM Tracking

Log labor, equipment and material (LEM) used throughout the shift to support progress updates and potential claims.

Delay Logs

Your crews can track labor, equipment and material delays instigated by the client or suppliers with a simple table.

Photo Records

Upload photos throughout the day to track progress, demonstrate due-diligence and inform offsite personnel.


NEW Get important messages out to your entire team without emails or texts

It might be an important safety alert, a topic for the next toolbox talk, or simply a notice about an upcoming townhall meeting. We make it quick and easy to send out announcements across your entire company. They can be send to a small group or the entire team, and they can even be scheduled up to 365 days in advance. 


Document important safety notifications to reduce personal risk and ensure your entire team has the tools and information they need to work safely, and efficiently. 


Consistent messaging is an important aspect of managing your team. It's never been easier to send the right people, the right message at the right time. Your team will feel informed and valued. 

Customized for Every Group

Broadcast a custom message to one team or send an important update to the entire company. There's no need to maintain mailing lists or try to text everyone - just select the relevant group from the list.

Compliance Tracking

At a glance you know how many people have seen, acknowledge or snoozed every announcement. Effortlessly watch compliance approach 100% and then check the list of outstanding folks to bring it over the line.